I’m back folks! Where was I though? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Did I die? Did I hit my head on a brick and found myself in a coma? Or did I simply find another hobby and decided I’d stop blogging like the plenty other things I’ve quit halfway through? What happened?

Nothing, really. But did anybody care that I wasn’t actively blogging for the last 6 months? The answer is yes. I did.

Sometimes life tests you in ways you never thought it would. And you end up doing things you could’ve sworn you never would. 

Major changes force you to take decisions that you know would only have a negative impact on your life. And what do you do? You do it anyway.

I have no clue how fast I went from “A law freak” to a “Medico”, A free soul to a lost one, And from the ‘happy-go-lucky’ kind to the hot anxious mess kind.. but it happened alright! So where was I? Trying to piece back how I ended up here. And how did it happen? That’s a long story for another time.

So why am I even writing all of this?

Because it concludes at a very paramount realisation:

When life does not go the way we wish it would, we more often than always react by self destructing.

We as humans have a tendency to shield ourselves from anything and everything we find unfavourable. But what if you can’t shield yourself? You self destruct. Why? Simply because you don’t want the external factor to destroy you first.

We humans are a weird race.. We want things to be black or White. Happy or sad. We simply aren’t programmed to accept Grey.

So You wipe off every ounce of happiness that’s left in your life so you can mourn in peace. So you can mourn fully. Without exceptions. Without expectations from any source that previously gave you hope. And then you feel sorry for yourself, and (in your mind) rightfully so.
That’s what I did anyway. And that’s where I went wrong. The moral of the story?

Accept Grey. Love it. Embrace it. Life isn’t a chess game afterall.. You can always walk on the thin line between the White and black. You don’t necessarily have to stand on one.

Until next time!

-Batwoman, xo.



9 thoughts on “When the Darkness hits 🌒

  1. Nice gist, that’s how life goes.
    I like this “You can always walk on the thin line between the White and black. You don’t necessarily have to stand on one.”

    Is really some strange thing happened to you or have you seen any strange thing.

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  2. Welcome back! Life tests us in many ways, and we emerge victorious throught insights and change. That is strength!
    Now Batwoman, spread your wings and fly. Soar, and dont judge yourself. Live!
    Since you’ve been gone, I have more on the blog as well as this book about social challenges, overcoming, and how. And of course, here’s silliness and humor in hindsight. Yes?😉🎶


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