We’re all working every minute of every day, some way or another. We’re always upto something. Aren’t we? Now you’d say, what if someone’s just sitting? Would I call it working? I would. They’re still functional. They’re still working. Symantics.

But I believe that isn’t the kind of ‘working’ you were referring to. In my opinion; To keep ourselves “Working”, We must keep working on ourselves.
Stay focused, Be conscious. Of yourself, your goals. What you wanna do, what you wanna be. That’s the only way to keep working on yourself. And in turn, you’ll keep working.

Humans are the only beings that are fully capable of “self-consciousness”. But that’s what we often forget. We’re all conscious, all the time. But hardly ever are we conscious of ourselves. And that’s where we go wrong and lose track. Of time, of our life. We lose control. And we go berserk instead of regaining it. 
The real challenge is to take back control. It’s to be conscious of every choice we make. Do I sleep or can I stay up for another 15 minutes? Can I just play one more level before I call it a night? Last game, I promise! And before you know it; you only have 2 hours left until you need to get up and go to work. 

Every choice is a conscious decision.

Every choice we make, takes us away from our goal or near it.

It’s always a choice. Take back control, be what you wanna be! 

The sky is the limit; or is it?

-Batwoman, xoxo.



9 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation: How do I keep working?

  1. You really have a great 👍 perspective look at life…

    You have conquered the world 🌎 at such a tender age..
    And understand the basis of living this life to its fullest..

    You are going to be one awesome 👏 woman.. and you will have a lot to teach…
    I’m truly impressed with your depth of consciousness…


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