Hi! I’m a typical 18 year old.. 💁🏻

Currently testing the waters of being a blogger.. I’ve always been passionate about writing. So I figured I might as well give this a try 😋

I write (rather intend to write) thrice every week. On Mondays, Saturdays and any other day of the week (Mostly because I’m lazy and I don’t want to promise anything I can’t deliver) My writing style is very casual and easygoing. (Again, reason being I don’t know how to write! Lol.)

I post motivating/inspiring blogs (‘Heartto-Heart’s) every Monday (Mostly because Mondays are monotonous and I could use a dose of positivity before I start another hectic week) On other days, I post whatever comes to mind. Short stories, Musings, Poems, lists, polls.. You name it!

I base my posts on varied subjects. I’m well aware that most people prefer blogs based on a single theme such as travelling/Reviewing things.. Oh well, it is what it is. Can’t help it! I’m not dedicated to any single theme. (I think that that’s because I bore easy and have commitment issues 🙄) I write whatever inspires me, really.

So come on up, join in. Let’s see how this goes? Looking forward to our journey together. ✨